Hi there and welcome to Launch, a new publication charting our journeys into Web discovery, search, and starting up. We’ll talk about launching as a discovery paradigm and also how we’re starting up our business.

At Epi, we’re fundamentally altering the state of play in web discovery.

Web discovery is how people get to websites, most commonly achieved through Web search. While Web search finds what you want most of the time, the relevant results are also frequently obscured by noise. Navigating through that noise takes time and can cause confusion. Through discussions with friends and peers, I found I was not alone: the problem was even worse in the enterprise, with poor internal search engines and an explosion of data silos to navigate. Teaming up with close friends, we started working on solutions to Web discovery and enterprise search, which will make a real difference for busy professionals.

Early on, we realised that the thinking revealed more than a product, more than a company — something much bigger — we struck upon ideas that develop and extend the Web. We’ve been extensively researching our domain and experimenting with new concepts and proposals that change the very nature of the Web — for the better. We envision a network, the Epiarc, that can enrich society as a whole, with other apps, platforms and businesses running on it.

We’re launching two organisations to do this. We’re launching Epi Technologies, a British company to run the commercial operations and sell our core product. We’re also launching a non-profit to oversee the Epiarc, and provide a forum for its leadership and standardisation.