When searching for TV Tokyo on Google, you get an unrelated ad first, and an unwieldy strange-looking domain "tv-tokyo·co·jp·e·ck·hp·transer·com" in the results, before the official website "tv-tokyo·co·jp".

Skipping past the unrelated ad, we’ll focus our attention on this peculiar result.

The official website is "tv-tokyo·co·jp". With "tv-tokyo·co·jp·e·ck·hp·transer·com", "tv-tokyo" is at the start which is confusing because you may read that and be convinced it is the official TV Tokyo website. But importantly, "transer·com" is at the end, which means it is hosted by "transer·com", not "tv-tokyo·co·jp". Even though we’re meant to read domains and URLs in chunks from right to left, a lot of the world reads text left to right. It’s hard to read URLs, and hard to gauge trust and ownership.

"tv-tokyo·co·jp·e·ck·hp·transer·com" is a machine translation of the TV Tokyo website into the English language. There are no translation links to "transer·com" from the TV Tokyo homepage, except some disabled links that may have once been used. It is an unusual manner of translation, using a translation proxy website, rather than hosting it on the main domain. For reading articles and viewing content it may be satisfactory, but if logging in to TV Tokyo, this becomes problematic with potential sharing of credentials.

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