Welcome to Launch, a new publication charting our journeys into trust and discovery on the web.


Trust on the web is under threat. We are in the era of phishing and cybercrime. Phishing is the most common form of attack on people and businesses, harming citizens’ assets, business finances and reputations, and national security. With fraud, ransomware, business email compromise, they all tend to start with phishing.

In a recent UK Government survey, almost one in three businesses said they are attacked at least every week, with 83% reporting phishing as the most common attack, where nearly 80% use existing anti-malware, firewall and phishing protection products. Attacks are successful in all kinds of organisations, despite a variety of technical controls and staff training. Phishing is not an IT or internal issue only affecting staff; the IBM & Ponemon Cost of a Data Breach 2021 report found that a breach causes major reputational and financial damage with one in three reporting that they lost customers as a result.


Web discovery is how people get to websites, most commonly achieved through Web search. While Web search finds what you want most of the time, the relevant results are also frequently obscured by noise. Navigating through that noise takes time and can cause confusion. Through discussions with friends and peers, I found I was not alone: the problem was even worse in the enterprise, with poor internal search engines and an explosion of data silos to navigate.


Our mission at Epi is to bring real trust to the web, defeat emergent phishing attacks, and improve productivity for people and businesses.

Through our platform running our trust and launch engines, we offer a range of novel and bespoke solutions to combat phishing, navigate to websites and resources, and see knowledge in your organisation, big or small, covering all kinds of industry.