To launch is to get to your desired online destination in response to your query. There should be minimal results so that it’s easy to choose the result required. Results should be strictly ordered according to relevance, with only trusted results appearing.

Launching is not searching. When you’re searching, you’ve got to do that search engine dance — you type your query on one page, you’re taken to another page of links and you’re presented with pages of results, ordered by commercial interests because ads are in the way.

Trust and safety are central in launching. Launching is realtime. Launching is about getting you to where you need to be, fast. Launching is driven by a universal query-answer engine, serving your general and bespoke needs. Launching is about answers. Launching is the answer. Launching is a whole-new paradigm yet to be explored.

A launcher should be a universal textbox with results appearing as you type or speak.

A launch engine is the system that transforms queries into actionable results, and facilitates knowledge and navigation.

With Epi you can launch the web, alongside your documents and knowledge, all in the universal launcher.